Confiscated Russian businessman’s superyacht is up for auction

It will be the first superyacht to be sold at public auction since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced authorities to freeze luxury ships in ports around the world, Nigel Hollyer, a broker at auction house Howe Robinson Partners, confirmed by phone to Bloomberg.
The superyacht Axioma was seized in March in Gibraltar, a British territory at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The ship is valued at 63 million. pounds sterling, although it is expected to sell below that price, the BBC reported, without disclosing how it learned the value.
Last month, JPMorgan won a court ruling in Gibraltar allowing the sale of the 73-meter yacht after Mr. Pumpjanskis refused to pay the $20.5 million attached to it. euro loan, Bloomberg previously reported, citing court documents. A representative of the bank declined to comment.
The 5-deck ship, which has a swimming pool and 3D cinema, has received “stunning interest”, Mr Hollyer said, citing 115 inquiries and 28 viewings by potential buyers or their teams. He declined to comment on the vessel’s value, citing confidentiality agreements.

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