crammed with tied tomatoes with nowhere to put them later

“If a neighbor’s storage room or their children’s trampoline could be seen from the greenhouse, it would not be pleasant to sit in such a place. And it’s not only important what you see from the greenhouse, but also how you see it, that is, the greenhouse must look nice on the plot itself – after all, it is glass, transparent, so its contents must be pleasing to the eye,” said a woman working as a photographer. Therefore, she even took care of the lighting of the greenhouse, an electric cable was brought to it, so that in the long evenings, with the garlands of light bulbs, it would look no less charming than during the day.

“Of course,” laughs the woman from Kaunas, when asked if there will be tomatoes in it. – Just four charms, a couple more cucumbers, so that the child knows how vegetables grow and that the greenhouse has a good smell. There will be enough for the family to eat, but I will not prepare provisions for the winter.”

12 sq. meter greenhouse floor is covered with cobblestones, only two squares are left for open ground vegetables, so the woman will grow berries and what is needed for frosts in pots and raised beds next to the greenhouse – it is so nicer and such a vegetable garden does not need to be hidden at the edges of the yard.

Rita started dreaming about a greenhouse where you can read a book and watch a tomato grow nearby a couple of years ago after discovering similar ones on Instagram pages in Germany and Denmark.

“In our country, it is customary to calculate everything by harvests, when/if it will pay off, Lithuanian gardens are terrifying to me, just weed and take care of them, and greenhouses, in general, are a disaster – they are crowded with tomatoes tied to green ropes, which later have nowhere to put them.”

If someone sees sense in that, they will, but other things are important to me. And most of all, the general aesthetics of the environment. Just look at the gardens of eighty-year-old English grandmothers – they grow roses, but ours? Just so the grandchildren have something to put on. We don’t have a tradition of cultivated gardens, but we can start to create them”, thought Rita.

Her mother, who lives nearby, also shook her head at first when she saw how her daughter was preparing for the establishment of a greenhouse – she planted a variety of flowers and vegetables in dozens of pots so that she could immediately tame and decorate it. However, when she came to visit a couple of days ago, she herself praised Rita for a particularly cozy place for conversations and tea.

Will it be difficult for an esthete to clean the glasses? “Oh, no, it’s even more beautiful to me when traces of life can be seen on them, these are not the windows of a house. I don’t intend to clean them more than twice a year,” he said.

By the way, the woman gathered the impressive collection of pots that welcomed the greenhouse so beautifully this summer. He bought a lot of discounted ones in supermarkets, found great and inexpensive ones in ads.

The greenhouse with delivery, installation and paved pavers cost the family 4,000. euros.

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