D. Rodman will travel to Russia to rescue B. Griner

She was sentenced to nine years in prison in Russia for transporting narcotics Brittney Griner will receive unexpected help.

A former star of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is ready to save her Dennis Rodmanwho has not shied away from politics in recent years.

Aukštaūgis said that he received permission to travel to Russia and negotiate about the basketball player’s situation, although he did not elaborate with whom he would negotiate and whose permission he received.

D. Rodman, who calls himself a basketball ambassador, intends to go to Russia in the next week.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time D. Rodman has tried to rescue a person trapped in a hostile state. In 2014, he helped free a missionary imprisoned in North Korea, Kenneth Bae.

The basketball player is known for his good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In the past, he has also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and gave positive feedback about him.

D. Rodman will probably avoid talking about the military situation in Ukraine. The last time he visited Russia was in December 2014, when the annexation of Crimea had already begun, and the authorities of the United States of America (USA) limit political contacts and encourage not to go to these countries due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year.

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