“Damn them”: New sign of resistance in Mariupol drives occupiers crazy

On the morning of September 5, on the Telegram channel, the Mariupol resistance movement called on the residents of the city to actively participate in this protest and write the Ukrainian letter Ї, which they chose as their symbol, with crayons in various parts of the city.

“It’s time to raise your head!” Russians must know clearly: they are in a foreign land. We didn’t invite them. There is no place for them in our Mariupol! In the name of protest – Ї in all city squares. In all parks, squares, on poles, on fences. With pencils, crayons, markers. Ї is the sign of Ukrainian independence. Ї is a symbol of resistance. Ї – damn the occupiers. Slaves are not allowed in heaven. We are not slaves”, say the participants of the resistance movement.

One of the first places where the “letter of resistance” was written was the city center: here Ї was written in chalk on the pavement tiles near the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

As Mariupol’s mayor’s advisor Petro Andriushchenka said, the resistance action, during which citizens draw “Ї” on the streets, drives the occupiers crazy.

“Russians run around the city and try to paint the letters. In vain,” he wrote.

On September 5, Mariupol city council deputy Dmitriy Zabavin stated on Radio NT that the Army of the Russian Federation continues to use Mariupol as a logistical center for military equipment.

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