Dark spots in the world of gangsters in Lithuanian football: not only the scandalous Kamuolys felt at home there

Some accepted this news in such a way that the new scandalous case is another huge black mark for the whole of Lithuanian football, which is often associated with persons of dubious reputation recently. Others say that there is nothing wrong here, because G. Janonis, after spending several years in detention, simply returned to freedom and simply got an official job where he could properly realize himself. There has been talk of Kamulios’s exceptional passion for football for a long time.

As already announced, a day after the widely publicized news, the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) issued an official letter stating that the Association of Lithuanian Football Fans is a separate legal entity. Although the aforementioned association is a member of the Kaunas County Football Federation, and the football of the temporary capital is directly subordinated to the LFF.

LFF assures that it has not entered into a contract with “a person mentioned in the media” and does not support the decisions of all associations to invite persons convicted of serious and very serious crimes.

To prison – with the shirt of your favorite football club

Last year, when I asked if football was really very close to Lithuanian football, Rolandas Kiškis, the head of the country’s Criminal Police Office, answered: “[Kamuolinių] the leaders of the criminal association were particularly interested in football, had close connections in the executive committee of the Lithuanian Football Federation and Kaunas city football teams. Also, one leader of the criminal association is related to former influential members of the LFF. They spent a lot of time by themselves playing football…”

By the way, two other persons classified as top football players, the brothers Rolandas and Genadijus Borisov, who have been tried several times in the past, indicated the Lithuanian Football Amateurs Association as their workplace a little earlier.

It is an open secret that G. Janonis has been fanatically crazy about football since long ago. It is said that in April 2018, when the investigation into the football case was started and the officers searched his house in Kaunas, they were surprised to see an impressive collection of football trophies. After seeing this, the criminologists realized that the man really does not pretend to be a football player sympathizingbut is really crazy about this sport.

Although G. Janonis-Kamuolys was known in the operative circles of Kaunas, the general public saw him publicly for the first time only on August 27, 2009, in the reports of online portals. At that time, the headlines flashed: “Suspect G. Janonis arrested after the shooting in Kaunas”, “After the shooting in Kaunas – the arrest of the leader of the gang” or “The leader of the gang ended up behind bars”.

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