Defenders of Mariupol tell about the atrocities they experienced in Russian captivity: they were tortured, beaten and mutilated

Several members of the Azov Regiment, released in the Kyiv-Moscow prisoner swap, told reporters in an online press conference that they had witnessed soldiers being beaten until their bones were broken.

“They stripped us, made us squat naked. If any of the guys raised his head, they immediately started beating him,” said Denys Chepurka, a severely wounded Azov soldier.

According to the Mariupol defender, he was beaten during interrogations and was also required to sign a statement condemning his commanders.

“I said I wouldn’t. Then they started beating me with sticks, threatening me with death,” D. Čepurka said.

“I’ve seen guys brought in with broken ribs, in very serious condition,” he said.

Another former prisoner, Vladyslav Žaivoronoks, said he witnessed “serious torture”.

“Some had needles inserted into their wounds, some were tortured with water,” he said at a press conference.

D. Čepurka said that there were cases when “the guys were taken out and never came back.”

“I saw a soldier being taken out of our barracks and brought back two days later unable to move,” he told reporters.

“They wanted him to sign a document that he did not do all this in Mariupol Russiaand we, but he refused, so his ribs, legs and arms were broken,” said D. Čepurka.

D. Chepurka and V. Zaivoronok were among nearly two and a half thousand Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russians and held in the notorious Olenivka prison in the eastern part of the Donetsk region controlled by pro-Russian separatists. in Ukraine.

Dozens of Ukrainian prisoners were killed in an attack on this prison last month.

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