Deivydas Zvonkus spoke about failed diets: “I became a natural gas factory”

Deivydas told the show that creative processes in his life adjust the rhythm of the day quite a bit.

“I feel better in the evening and at night, and in the morning I’m dead,” joked D. Zvonkus.

True, the long hours in the recording studio adjust not only his daily rhythm, but also his eating habits. The creator is open – that’s why you have to eat more often not during the day, but at night.

“My complexion betrays that my diet is not very perfect. However, as much as possible, I try to be beautiful on the inside”, – as always, Deivydas was not looking for words in his pocket.

And yet, aware of the problem, Deivydas does not ignore it – he tries to include as many healthy habits as possible in his days. Here is a man who does not give up breakfast, which many call the most important meal of the day.

“I usually eat breakfast, even though I don’t want it at all. I know that if I don’t eat them, then I will eat a whole horse without ketchup for lunch,” laughed the musician.

It’s true, he doesn’t hide it – appearance is important to him, so he has repeatedly tried many different diets.

“I first became interested in vegetarianism when I was a teenager, and then I ate very strictly for one year. Later, I started to be on the stage, I became visible, so when I looked at one or another photo and saw that I looked “not something”, then sometimes I took it. Basically, when I see that there are too many of me, I try to give up all flour dishes”, D. Zvonkus shared his secret.

And once he read a nutritionist’s book, he became interested in trying a blood type diet.

“According to my blood type, I needed to eat a lot of soy foods. I ate like this for a month, but from soy I became a natural gas factory”, Deivydas joked about diet failures.

And what dishes can D. Zvonkus not resist?

“There are two options that are the best in the world for me: fish and seafood, and the other is anything made with minced meat. I really like meatballs, meatballs, sausages,” said Deivydas.

The famous musician has been sharing the joys of the kitchen and culinary discoveries with his wife and famous performer Katažina Zvonkuviene for eight years. It is true that, according to Deivydas, she spends more time in the kitchen.

“My wife does more of the hosting, because I just don’t have much time for it, or maybe I don’t want to have that much time.” I am retiring the joys of my kitchen for now. Sometimes I go to the kitchen and try to cook, but it is quite rare. But most of the time my attempts are not bad,” said the famous musician.

And although D. Zvonkus is a rare guest in the kitchen, he has preserved one recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. And now he spoils his beloved children – Kornelija and Donatas – with it.

“This donut recipe is my mom’s – she used to make them for me when I was a kid. I asked my mother to show me how to make them, so she taught me. And now I make donuts exactly like my mother used to make,” Deivydas shared behind the scenes of the family recipe.

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