Demonstration mobile robot space in Vilnius: from getting involved with robotics systems to solving specific problems

In the demonstration space, you can try solutions to specific business problems by pulling robots.

The main reason stopping the development of robotization in the Lithuanian business community is the lack of knowledge about automation processes, note the developers of mobile robotics solutions. Therefore, in order to encourage oil companies and give them more energy, the mobile robot demonstration space of Saultekis Slinio Digital Innovation Center (SIC) is opening its doors in the center of Vilnius. Its visitors will not only be able to get to know the work processes of mobile robots, but also, if necessary, try out how robots can solve specific problems relevant to their business.

When communicating with various Lithuanian business people, we notice that they have seen automated processes up close, have observed how robots work abroad in the USA, Sweden, or other countries, but they are not always ready to start robotization tomorrow. They are held back by several factors. First, there is a misconception of what robots can and can’t do. It is often assumed that they can do absolutely everything, which is really not the case. Secondly, there is a need to know how to evaluate the success of robotization, that is, whether such a solution will be useful for the company, says Gabriel Oksait, business development manager of SIC member R and R Technology.

In order to better familiarize business representatives with the possibilities offered by the automation solution, to dispel myths and answer the most pressing questions, we will hold a meeting in September in the center of Vilnius, Jasinskio st. 16 G, the Digital Innovation Center coordinated by the Saultekis Island Science and Technology Park together with SIC member R and R Technology opens a mobile robot demonstration space.

Investments in digitization increase the company’s employment and can give it a competitive advantage. And the relevance of automation solutions for business became even more important during the pandemic, when faced with the growing need for labor force, says Dr. Dr. Laima Balin.

Both presenting systems and trying to solve problems

G. Oksait points out that the demonstration space is relevant even for several target audiences. First of all, for business representatives who want to better understand the general mobile robot work processes and get to know possible solutions.

Integrating a robot into our operations requires not only significant financial investment, but also the willingness to accept it in the company. The robot shows any mons process errors. If humans, sacrificing work efficiency, can compensate for any inconsistencies and mask imperfections in the process, working with a robot brings all the inaccuracies to the surface. Robots, if at all, make mistakes extremely rarely. Therefore, in order for robots to even be useful, the environment in which they operate must also be correct. In other words, money requires a willingness to stretch and refine internal processes. It is easier to get in the mood for this if the company has the opportunity to see the robot working up close, says Panekov.

The head of business development assures that another customer group is no less important. These are people who are actively considering the purchase of robots, but when investing, they want to see what their processes will look like when they are equipped with robots and to be sure of the future benefits.

R and R Technology business development manager Gabriel Oksait.

Sometimes the demonstration area can also be used as a testing ground for solving a specific problem. After analyzing the customer’s situation, we model simulations and show live what our processes will look like after implementing mobile robot solutions, says G. Oksait and adds that our representatives themselves use the demonstration space to create innovations and process prototypes.

Panekov notes that the demonstration space is invited not only to the business community, but also to local establishments, so the aim is to spread information about technological progress in Lithuania as widely as possible and at the same time show that robots are becoming a natural part of the market in our country.

It is relevant not only for logistics

At the moment, in the demonstration space, you can see not only the robotic intralogistics automation solution for the warehouse. This includes autonomous inventory, along-line transportation and stacking, and automatic delivery of goods to workstations.

G. Oksait points out that these processes are obviously most relevant for production and storage companies, but they can often be adapted for organizations in various sectors, from conference centers to medical facilities.

Although we have considerable experience in developing, installing and servicing mobile robots in various countries, it happens that customers ask us to be creative and come up with a solution for a non-standard situation. Thus, during the quarantine, a disinfecting robot appeared, the sukrme mobile robot for treatment emergencies, which ensured the disinfection of surfaces and rooms without the help of a person. That is why we want to emphasize that everyone who is interested in robotic solutions is welcome in this space, regardless of the field of activity, Panekov assures.

According to our business development manager, the content of the exhibition space is planned to be updated regularly. According to her, operating in a constantly changing sector and in order to remain a full-fledged market participant, constantly creating innovations and introducing them to the market is simply necessary: ​​Our partners expect the most efficient, newest and most appropriate solution for them. Therefore, it is natural that we intend to constantly update robot solutions in our demonstration space as well.

Works will be presented to an international audience

Having avoided active travel for the past few years due to the pandemic, R and R Technology will cooperate with foreign partners in the fall. On October 47, mon will present its solutions at the Motek exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

For technology and automation companies, the exhibition is an important event. In addition to growing product knowledge, it opens up great opportunities to interact with people, see the solutions they support, and broaden your horizons. We know from experience that a very concentrated audience gathers here, people, content for a specific purpose to buy, sell or buy partners. Therefore, there are many new contacts in such a place, said G. Oksait.

The Mobile Robot Demonstration Space of the Saultekis Slnio Digital Innovation Center was prepared during the implementation of the Saultekis Slnios Digital Innovation Center activity and service development project. The project is partially financed by European regional development funds under the Digital Innovation Centers measure.

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