“Don’t panic!”: lifeboat found from sunken cruiser “Moskva”

A lifeboat for twenty people was reportedly handed over from the sunken ship “Moskva” to the Ukrainian border by the crew of one merchant ship.

“An inflatable life raft has been spotted in the Black Sea, afloat only because several life jackets were attached to it. A broken, corroded oar, oxygen cylinders were found in it,” the border guards report.

According to the report, a waterproof bag containing Russian coins, elements of sailors’ and marines’ uniforms, badges, and even a spoon was also found in the boat.

Military numbers are indicated on uniforms and vests. The captain of the merchant ship decided to hand over the find to the border guards of the Odesa region from the Izmail department. It was there that the defender of Ukraine served, who sent the cruiser “Moskva” from Snake Island “in a direction known to everyone”.

Representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine believe that this find is another proof of the incapacity of the Russian military command. Obviously, that lifeboat was unusable, and the Russians who tried to save themselves with it resorted to desperate measures.

It is assumed that in order to somehow keep the raft above water, the Russians tied their life jackets to it as buoys (which is strictly forbidden).

“It is important to remember that at the time the Moskva cruiser was sinking, there was a storm at sea. The Russians trying to escape were probably not motivated by the inscription on the leaky life raft: “Don’t panic!” This raft will stay afloat in all conditions and provide the protection you need.” This is another proof that you should not believe what the Russian military commanders say,” the Ukrainian border guards emphasize.

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