Due to Germany’s curious dissuasion, not even the United States could withstand it: it was the hour of the tanks

Defense and military experts, one after another, “confused” all the arguments of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, which they used to justify the refusal to transfer German tanks to Ukraine.

Christian Mölling, director of peace research at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), called the endless debate about tanks simply curious. According to him, it is the responsibility of Western countries to support and strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

“Ukraine clearly says that it needs much more heavy weapons, battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, Germany has them, both in industry and partly in the Bundeswehr, but there is a political taboo that still does not want to be broken,” said Ch. Möllingas for the news television channel n-tv.

“The German industry has been saying for months that it can send 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles and 88 Leopard combat tanks to Ukraine,” said the reserve general, military historian K. Wittmann, who even personally spoke to the Chancellor on the matter and urged him finally stop blocking this thing.

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