During an unexpected visit to Kyiv, A. Blinken met Patron: together they visited the children in the hospital

Photos of Mr. Blinken holding the Patronus began to spread after he went to a children’s hospital to say hello to children affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Mr. Blinken was captured cuddling the four-legged hero, and later presented the girl with a Patronus-looking toy dog ​​at a children’s hospital.

The six-year-old patient, Maryna, reportedly came to the Kyiv treatment facility from the Kherson region, where intense fighting has been going on for months.

Later, V. Zelensky presented A. Blinken with the “Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise” medal for services to the state and people of Ukraine.

Patron is the dog of deminer Mykhaila Ilyev, whom he once started driving to work due to lack of time. Instead of appearing in purebred dog shows, Patron began to train himself to the sounds of explosions, and it soon became clear that he worked well as a mine detector.

“When he finds it, he starts digging. Then he gets a treat,” his trainer said.

In May, the dog was the winner of the Pal-Dog-humanitarian Dog Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Previously, he was already awarded a special award by the President of Ukraine, V. Zelenskiy, for self-sacrifice in the service. The dog was also immortalized in a mural in Rovna and in many children’s drawings.

Rescuers have also created educational videos in which Patron teaches children and adults about the safety rules to follow in areas where there are mines and explosive objects.

Adapted from foxnews.com

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