E. Atamans about the Turkish anthem whistled by Greek fans: this political situation was created by the media

Greeks defeated Turkish basketball players 89:80 in the Acropolis Cup tournament on Friday evening.

Although the match was a friendly, the head coach of the Turkish national team, Ergin Ataman, was sent off the pitch and the Greek fans booed the Turkish national anthem.

The head coaches of both teams also spoke about the recent incident.

“I have to speak for those who blew the whistle on this issue. Of course, this is bad, but we will not solve this matter in a press conference. I am proud to be Greek, but we have to say what is wrong. Not just me, but everyone.

I hope we reach the next level. Most of them still behaved properly, and I don’t want to start a dialogue with those who didn’t,” said Dimitris Itoudis, who will coach Istanbul Fenerbahçe next season.

“I love Greece. We need more respect for our anthem because we are friends. I think people are influenced by the political situation created by the media. This situation is not good. As a fan, a basketball coach, I think we have to be respectful to each other. We are friends and that is why we are here,” Ergins Atamans also expressed his position.

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