E. Ulanovas before the confrontation with “Real”: a good challenge awaits

The Žalgiris players, who started the friendly three-team tournament in the city of Antequera in the Andalusian region on Monday evening with a victory against the Unicaja club of Malaga, will face the Real Madrid basketball players on Tuesday evening for the name of the winners of the tournament.

It will also be the last match of the training camp in Spain for the Žalgiris coached by Gintars Krapik. On the morning of the match day, the players of “Žalgiris” held a light training session, and already from 9:30 p.m. (Lithuanian time) will take part in a duel with “Real”. Subscribers to the MVP plan of “Žalgiris Insider” will be able to watch the meeting live.

“We rested a little. Now, in general, this is the stage of preparation when the legs are heavy. It was also seen yesterday – we missed a lot of free throws, those who have to throw missed too, the shots were short, the legs were heavy. This is the stage now. Of course, it is an ungrateful situation to have to play two days in a row, but there is nothing to be done, we were waiting for it. We won against the Malaga club, a good team, we want to win today as well, so that the pre-season stage continues without defeat”, he said after the training organized on Tuesday morning Edgar Ulanov.

The victory against the “Unicaja” club was the fourth in a row in the cycle of pre-season matches for Žalgiris. It is true that the captain of “Žalgiris” explained that the curve of the game may change when the rest of the Žalgiris players who fought in the European Championship join the team.

“There will be players coming back from the national team, so things will have to be put together again. It’s hard to say now. Everything is getting better now, but we still have room for improvement,” explained the team captain.

In the duel against “Žalgiris”, the Madrid club will line up a lineup that does not contain players fighting or injured in their national teams, and Sergio Rodriguez, Walter Tavares, Petr Cornelie, Džanan Musa and Fabien Causeur represent the team in the tournament in Antekera from the main lineup.

Despite the considerable number of missing players in the “Real” composition, E. Ulanovas expects a very serious fight.

“Defense will be the most important factor, without a doubt. Of course, they don’t have a full squad, five people are the players of the main rotation, but they did the biggest numbers in the duel against Malaga. We will have to try to cut them off, we understand that they are good, high-class players. It will be a good challenge for all of us”, said the striker.

On Monday evening, a group of Lithuanian fans supported the Kaunas in the duel against “Unicaja” in the small Antekera Arena. The team captain was happy with the support he saw in the stands.

“It’s always nice and fun. Preparations for the season are still underway, but we have already received support. We are looking forward to the official part as well, when we will be able to meet even more fans”, E. Ulanovas was happy.

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