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Continuing the preparation for the new season, the basketball players of Kaunas “Žalgiris” did not consider for long who should become the captain, at least temporarily, until all the players of the team meet. This position was given to Edgars Ulanov, a long-time player of the team and from Kaunas.

E. Ulanovas, who is starting another year with Žalgiris, became the first player from Žalgiris in the new season to visit the #ŽalgirisOnAir podcast. Talking to Žalgiris TV host and basketball commentator Rytis Kazlauskas, the striker shared his impressions about the preparation for the season, team composition and other things. In the second part of the podcast for “Žalgiris Insider” subscribers, the player answered a bunch of questions from the fans.

“I was somewhat expecting the captaincy that it might be. I hope they will last me the whole season, because I don’t want to throw them anymore. If you do, it’s all the way. We will get the coach and all the players and I hope that I will remain the captain until the end of the season”, said E.Ulanov.

E. Ulanovas already had time to warm up his legs during pre-season training with other Žalgiris players, and the team played two matches in which they won. “Žalgiris” started the preparation for the new season without Rolandas Šmitas and Tyler Cavanaugh, who played in the Latvian and USA national teams, who have already joined the team, as well as representatives of the coaching staff and players who are still participating in the European Championship with the Lithuanian national team – Lukas Lekavičiaus, Arno Butkevičiaus and Igna Brazdeikias.

“I’ve had different experiences in those pre-season preparations. He himself had to return from the national team to the team. And no miracle happened. Among the very young players, we will have Motiejs Krivas and Liutauras Lelevičius. Others are not veterans, but not so young that they don’t know how to handle everything. So there will be no problem. Coach Gintaras is doing well. You can see the energy emanating from him, which is transmitted to us in training. Of course, we would like to have all the players, but more will join every day. We are not alone in this situation. I don’t see any problems. Players of the youth team will get a chance. They will be able to show themselves too”, E. Ulanovas did not see a problem in preparing for the season with smaller forces.

The forward already had time to get to know the team’s newcomers – Keenan Evans, Kevarrius Hayes, R. Šmitas and those who returned to the team – Laurynas Biručius and Tomas Dimša during the training session and the cycle of pre-season matches. Evaluating the assembled composition of “Žalgiris”, E. Ulanovas was happy with the newly formed face of the team.

“A good team has been assembled this year. Interesting surnames. Now that we’re talking about what’s “on paper,” it’s hard to say how things will come together. Still, I’m satisfied. We all have our own opinion before the season about which players we can take, but overall we are well-rounded. Roland’s arrival is very good, we have Iggy coming.

I think we can be a stop for him to help him get back to the NBA. He will be able to integrate perfectly into European basketball in our team. He knows the coach, many Lithuanians will surround him. We will support him and give him a chance to prove himself. He will have to understand that it won’t be easy in the EuroLeague, – assured the Žalgiris resident. – Keenan was in the shadows at Maccabi. Kevarrius will give us a lot with his energy, plus he already has EuroLeague experience. The signing of Davydas is also a really good, young player who is a TOP-5 or TOP-3 player in his position in Lithuania.

In Zalgiris, of course, we will have to prove everything again. Arns will bring energy to the defense that we lacked last year. Lauryns is coming back hungrier, having already played in “Žalgiris”, let’s hope the second entry will be better. And he will not be found here, the competition is considerable, the EuroLeague is no joke, and M. Krivas joined to add competition between the midfielders.”

The question-and-answer part of the podcast with E. Ulanov can be seen by all subscribers of the “Žalgiris Insider” MVP plan.

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