Electric Wheels: Enthusiasm for electric cars has also attracted electric motorcycle manufacturers

Laimonas Jurgaitis, development partner of Electric Wheels, and Tomas Kungys, engineer and enthusiast of renewable energy solutions.

Tomas Kungys, head of electric vehicle development activity Electric Wheels and an enthusiast of renewable energy solutions and future technologies, will assure you that the future belongs to electric transport. A few years ago, she started advising people who wanted to buy electric cars, and in the summer, she became an authorized representative of the electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica in Lithuania.

Electric Wheels (EW)’s goal is to create added value for its customers by helping them choose the electric vehicle that best suits their needs and continue to advise them during its operation, answer the questions that arise and find the necessary solutions. For more than 5 years, we have been continuously analyzing various electric cars, accumulating experience, so we can listen to the customer’s wishes and expectations and provide him with the necessary information to be able to make a rational decision regarding the purchased electric car, which best meets the needs of his work or lifestyle, says T. Kungys .

Experience helps answer questions

EW brings electric cars that are a few years old either to order, or invites you to choose them, which are already on display in its showroom in Vilnius. EW is working boutique principle of providing exceptional services. According to T. Kungis, practice shows that switching to an electric car is not easy, people who have started driving it have a lot of questions for at least the first few months, they consult and come to consult.

It is normal. Even though I got confused with the user’s manual when driving a Tesla for the first time, I went through a lot of forums and electric car enthusiast forums, but in practice I still had many questions and I still learned something new, remembers the enthusiast who sat behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time in 5 years. Accumulated experience in driving and constant analysis of electric cars helps to find answers to the most important customer questions.

By the way, T. Kungys Danes also get a question about the cost of operating an electric car, comparing it with similar cars that use fossil fuels. According to him, calculations and practice show that it is much cheaper to operate electric cars, for example, the technical services of many of them within 10 years. will cost a total of about 1,200,600 EUR, while the similar model with an internal combustion engine is several times more expensive. For those with solar-powered electric cars, fuel may not cost at all.

Electric Wheels team (from left): Mantas Mickeviius, logistics, repair and service specialist, Tomas Kungys, mons krjas, Laimonas Jurgaitis, development partner, Linas Drevinskas, electronics specialist.

Strict selection and requirements

We bring the electric cars purchased by our customers to their door, arrange the registration documents, advise after the sale, sell and organize technical service or even deliver them for warranty repairs, for example, Tesla is the nearest authorized service center in Varuva. says Laimonas Jurgaitis, EW development partner. We also offer after-sales service, replacement of the electric car when necessary, steering wheel accessories, we advise on the use of charging stations in Lithuania and those traveling in Europe.

EW helps you buy used electric cars only from an official dealer, does not use auctions or other similar trading places. Such cars cannot be taken to the garage, they have a low mileage, they must be checked by a technician. Due to the small size of the electric car, those who buy them can also receive a subsidy of EUR 2,500 provided by the state.


We are approached not only by those who have already decided to buy an electric car, but also by those who hesitate and have questions, the answers to which help them make the right decision. By the way, it is not necessary to buy an electric car, assures T. Kungys. It happened that, after receiving the answers with all the hesitation, Mons realized that another electric car or car is more suitable for his lifestyle and needs than the broken one.

The most common questions about the characteristics of an electric car are the distance per charge and the speed of charging the battery.

Up to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds

EW invests and realizes the possibility of increasing the choice of electric cars in Vilnius and, soon, Kaunas showrooms, as well as expanding the range of other electric vehicles. By the way, you can also buy an electric car or other electric vehicle Electricwheels.lt on the website.

Following this path, EW became the first and only authorized representative of electric motorcycles in Lithuania this summer. The Italian electric motorcycles Energica powered by it delight true motorcycle fans with their characteristics.

We will visit the manufacturers to get acquainted with innovative and unique innovations in the world, so that we can not only provide detailed advice and sell these motorcycles, but we are also ready to provide them with qualified service. Its software charging is particularly powerful, and the range allows you to drive from 200 to more than 420 km, with a standard CCS Combo car connector, you can charge from 10% to 80% in 40 minutes, says T. Kungys. Of course, the fact that, for example, with the Energica Eva Ribelle model, the speed of 100 km/h is reached in just 2.6 seconds, is no less exciting for motorcycle fans.

Energica is the first electric sports motorcycle manufacturer in Italy. Motorcycles were born in the famous Italian sports car island of Modena, where De Tomaso’s Maserati and Pagani are produced, and the famous Ferrari in the nearby town of Maranello. Only after some time, Energica decided that it could use the accumulated experience in the production of sports electric motorcycles for professional racers in making electric motorcycles for real fans. Naked red Energica Eva Ribelle inherits a sporty design and a race-inspired dynamic and maneuverability.

You can be sure that Energica’s innovative electric motorcycles have all the best features of a sports and touring motorcycle by ordering a test ride. After it, a real motorcycle connoisseur will have no doubt that electric-powered modern equipment can even surpass traditional motorcycles, says T. Kungys, a fan of electric transport.

It can be ordered for a test drive and adapted for longer trips classic type Energica Eva EsseEsse9+ model.

This year, Energica has already introduced the travel model Experia with a more powerful 22.5 kWh battery. lower center of gravity, lighter lower mounted battery and overall lower weight and 112 liter luggage capacity make the motorcycle very comfortable for long tireless journeys. By the way, its aerodynamically small tracks have the weight of the driver and passenger, and this allows everyone to travel the same distance.

You can find more about the electric cars and electric motorcycles sold by EW and other electric vehicles and their parts and services Electricwheels.lt on the website. you can also sign in for a test drive with an innovative electric motorcycle.

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