Elgama-Elektronika will supply smart meters to Poland’s Stoen

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Vilnius imanij skaitikli gamybos UAB Elgama-Elektronika, together with Polish partners Esmetric, won the tender for the modernization of the Polish electricity network and will supply smart meters to the electricity distribution operator Stoen. The value of the first stage of the project is 108 million. zlotys (EUR 22.9 million) and includes 20% of Stoen’s clients.

In Poland, we already work with several electricity distribution operators, so we will partner with 1.2 million. In terms of customer content, Stoen is a big step forward for us and opens up new opportunities. We have 108 million zlot kontrakt, but this is only the first of three stages of the project. In the first phase, Stoen will modernize 20% of its network meter, part of which is already delivered to Usakov, and we plan to implement the rest until 2023. middle The modernization works will take about a year and a half and must be completed by 2023. the end Then we will believe that two more, twice as big budget tenders will be announced. The implementation of this project will help us better understand the client’s needs and better prepare for future tenders. Stoen plans to replace all of its customer’s meters within four years, we aim to remain its partners throughout the process, Martynas Ereka, director of Elgama-Elektronika, is quoted as saying in the report.

The Polish electricity operator Stoen belongs to the leader in the European energy sector, E.ON, which provides services in two large European markets and has assets of 50 million. client According to M. ereka, the contract with Stoen opens a window in all E.ON branches, where intellectual accounting is implemented in various volumes.

Although the need for digital meters and the rate of installation in the EU are systematically growing, the end of modernization is not yet in sight, iman accounting is still only installed on average in 40% of customers in the EU. For example, Spain has already changed 100% of the physical customer numbers, but the modernization of business customer accounting is still going on, only 40% of the business numbers have been changed. Another leader in the implementation of human accounting had changed the meters in all houses back in 2008. summer, but it did not stop until 2024. ada to replace them once again with the latest generation devices, says M. ereka.

According to the manager, the sector is promising and growing in the EU alone. It is predicted that by 2027 the annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 5.54%, and the number of users of iman accounting will rise from 150 million. up to 250 million. Global forecasts are even more optimistic until 2030. the sector should grow twice and reach 65 billion. USD.

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