Elon Musk’s father was horrified after seeing photos of his half-naked son

Errol Musk criticized his eldest child’s appearance in his 20-minute no-holds-barred interview with Australian radio station KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show.

“Broad-shouldered Elon is extremely well-built but has been eating poorly lately,” said Errol, adding that he recommended his eldest son try diet pills with garcinia extract. According to the celebrity dad, these pills helped him lose a few kilograms himself.

Elon, a single father of nine, caused a social media storm when he was photographed on a yacht in the Aegean with businessman Ari Emanuel and the latter’s wife Sarah Staudinger in mid-July. Renting such a yacht costs 20 thousand per week. US dollars.

When photos of the straight-laced SpaceX boss went viral online, he responded calmly to the barrage of comments about his barrel-shaped stomach, joking that maybe he should take his shirt off more often.

A few days later, in response to a follower who defended his appearance on Twitter, Elon wrote: “Honestly, it was good motivation to work out, eat healthier and maybe take off my shirt outside more than once a year, ha ha.”

In his interview, his 79-year-old father played down Elon’s success. Errol had more praise for his younger son, restaurant business owner Kimbal Musk, whom he called his “pride and joy.”

The eccentric engineer from South Africa said that at 50, Elon is already “an old man”, so the father is worried that his son will not find a long-term partner.

Errol himself has seven children from different women, including a young son and daughter with his 34-year-old stepdaughter, who later became his lover.

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