Estonia expelled Russian journalists who violated the visa regime

Urmas Elmi, head of the Eastern Prefecture Border Protection Office, said that two Russian citizens, a 30-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man, arrived in Estonia around noon on Friday through the Narva border crossing. They presented the border guards with Schengen visas issued by Italy and Finland, stating that they were going on a tourist trip.

“Then the man and woman went to the Narva tank [paminklo] and began propaganda work there. Later, after they boarded the Narva-Tallinn train and left in the direction of Tallinn, a police patrol boarded the train in Jehvi. [Jis] took the man and the woman to the police station for examination,” said U. Elmi.

The official emphasized that working during tourist trips is prohibited and that this is a violation of the visa regime. Therefore, the Department of Police and Border Protection “will cancel their visas, they are banned from entering Estonia, they are sent to Russia”, informed U. Elmi.

Earlier, “Izvestia” announced that while its correspondent Ksenia Soldatova and cameraman Dmitry Timofeyev were traveling from Narva to Tallinn, the police took them off the train and took them to the police station.

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