Europe is starting to save and reduce energy prices: one decision is worrying about Lithuania

Savings: darker streets and shorter swims

European Union countries plan to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent. until next winter, if Russia will turn off the gas. This state satisfied about 40 percent. Community gas demand. In Lithuania, it was announced that the country does not need to take additional measures because of this, but here, too, a plan for saving measures should be presented soon. The austerity solutions applied by some countries cover quite a wide spectrum.

Economist Žygimantas Mauric is convinced that saving is one of the more effective means of solving the tension in the energy resources market: in case of gas shortage, it is necessary to reduce their demand. He claims that the austerity initiatives emerging in Europe are the right step.

“These are important things, they send a signal about what needs to be done right now. Because there will be no more gas this winter. Russia will not turn off the tap anyway, for nothing. It will return something in return – to loyalty, to opposition to sanctions,” the bank’s “LuminorChief Economist Ž. Maurice.

Delfi provides examples of austerity measures being taken by European countries.

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