European Championship figures: 60 percent watched the broadcasts. population, the most watched match is clear

Although the European basketball championship ended rather quickly for the Lithuanian national team, the country’s residents proved that they have a great passion for this sport. The official broadcaster of the championship in Lithuania, TV3 media group, estimates that almost 60 percent watched the matches of the tournament this year. of the country’s population. In addition, basketball fans did not turn off the broadcasts on their screens even when the Lithuanians were eliminated from the championship.

This year, a total of 1.53 million watched broadcasts of European Basketball Championship matches on TV3 group channels. people. In other words, more than half – 56.7 percent – watched the championship. Lithuanian residents.

“It is obvious that the love of Lithuanians for basketball is only getting stronger. Spectators watched the match in large numbers even when Lithuania was eliminated from the championship. This shows that residents continue to be interested in this sport and watch the fights not only for patriotism. Adapting to the needs of viewers of all age categories, we offered to watch the matches of the European Championship both on television and on the Internet. The high viewing figures show that this decision has paid off”, says TV3 CEO Laura Blaževičiūtė.

All championship fights could be watched online. Nearly 300,000 people watched basketball in the virtual space. people, and as many as 1.17 million views were counted.

The best indicators were recorded during the decisive confrontation between the national teams of Lithuania and Spain in the round of 16. Almost 670 thousand people watched on TV3 how the Lithuanians miraculously won the extra time, but during that time they could not hold their own against the leaders of the opponents’ attack.

It is true that the fact that the Lithuanian national team fell out of the championship after a painful defeat to the Spaniards – the future champions of the Old Continent – did not decrease the ratings too much. The game of the brightest European basketball stars continued to be watched by almost 1 million people. viewers. This proves that the population is interested in high-level basketball.

An average of 621,000 people tuned in to the championship matches every day. people – more than in 2017, when such a tournament was held last time.

The final match, in which Spain triumphed over France, was watched by almost half a million viewers on television, and another 21.6 thousand on the Internet. people.

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