Evelina Sashenko and her husband baptized their son Teodora: the solemn ceremony took place in a special place

On Sunday, July 24, in Trakai, the offspring of E. Sašenko and her husband, businessman Giedriaus Statulevičius, received the sacrament of baptism.

The solemn ceremony took place in a special place – St. In the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. Where little Theodore’s parents also swore eternal love to each other. Not only that, this place also has another important significance – the first date of Evelina and Giedrias took place near this church.

E. Sashenko agreed to share the warm moments of the celebration, which impressed the artist’s fans on social networks. Delphi readers.

How a baby changed a life

It is hard not to notice the permanent smile on Evelina’s face – the woman who recently gave birth to her son Teodoro said on the show “Kitchen Stories” that the child brought many new colors to her life.

“I can boldly say that motherhood is both beautiful and joyful. Now I feel completely different”, shared E. Sashenko.

The woman revealed that after the birth of the child, a number of gratifying changes took place in her life, which led to a change in her attitude towards motherhood.

“Now everything revolves not around me, but around my son Theodore. Nothing has changed very much anymore, and if I had known that raising a child was so easy, I would have already had three!” – said E. Sashenko with a smile.

The woman also shared how her eating habits changed during pregnancy. In the show, Evelina said that when she was pregnant with her son, she wanted such foods that she would never have thought about before pregnancy.

“During my pregnancy, I really wanted potatoes and everything made from them: flatbread, zeppelins. “Before, I never ate Žemaicai pancakes, but recently even I started to like them,” she said.

The well-known singer is glad that motherhood did not stop her musical career and goals – as soon as she had her son, she immediately returned to her beloved activity.

“I didn’t stop singing – it was very important for me to continue it.” After the birth of my son, I resumed my activities after only 2 weeks. Of course, I feel very tired during the concert, but I keep going and I’m very happy about it,” said the woman.

After the wedding – and the happy news of the increase in the family

Evelina announced that she is expecting her first child in May 2021.

“My dear friends, fans, followers! I can no longer keep this happy news a secret and I want to share it with you and celebrate together. My beloved husband and I are waiting for the little miracle,” the singer winked.

Evelina and Giedrius exchanged gold rings in 2018. May 26 in the afternoon. The marriage ceremony of the two was held in Trakai St. In the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.

It is interesting that their first date also took place near this church. It was here that Giedrius from Kaunas came to see his future wife. After meeting at the church, they traveled all over Trakai. G. Statulevičius said that he did not want to break up during the first date.

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