“Even nature is sending a message to the Russians not to leave Crimea”: the elements were raging on the peninsula

Videos are published on social networks, which record a large tornado that raged on August 18 in the Sakai district of Crimea. It seems that the multi-storey tornado did not frighten people too much, they went to the street en masse to film the frenzy of the element, reports korrespondent.net.

Footage shows the tornado lifting everything in its path from the ground. The Crimean emergency service announces that the tornado raged in the resort town of Novoozerna.

According to initial information, no one was injured. Russian Telegram channel “Baza” reports that the frenzy of the element damaged several cars and a farm.

“In Crimea, a tornado swept away an ostrich farm. In addition to the ostriches, the cars of dozens of farm workers and visitors were also damaged,” the post states.

Social networks are now joking that nature itself is sending a message to Russians not to leave Crimea. Not only that, Ukrainians also joke about sabotage and the use of climate weapons.

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