Expelled F. Korkmaz is attacked on the way to the locker room, the Turks threaten to withdraw from the championship

The European Championship match between Turkey and Sakartveli is marked by more than one incident and may have unpredictable consequences.

In the fourth quarter, they were sent off the field after arguing Furkan Korkmaz and Duda Sanadze, in the second overtime, Ergins Atamanas also had to go to the dressing room. The assistant who replaced him at the press conference Hakan Demir shared scandalous news.

According to the Turk, after F. Korkmaz was expelled, he was attacked in the corridor. The player and national team doctor Eren Hangunas was attacked by three Sakartveli basketball players and arena security guards.

The players are named as D.Sanadze, who was sent off, and Tornike Shengelia and Goga Bitadze, who were injured.

Group A matches are held in Tbilisi, so the support of security personnel for local players cannot be ruled out. The involvement of security guards is said to be a later one, when it was necessary to restrain the entire Turkish delegation after learning about the incident.

Convinced of their truth, the Turks do not rule out drastic measures.

When informed about the news, the Vice President of the Turkish Basketball Federation and former basketball player Omer Onan said that the Turks will leave the championship if they do not receive the surveillance camera recordings.

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