Expert: It is becoming clear who will replace Shoigu, but Putin has three reasons to take his time

This was stated by the executive director of the Institute for the Future of Ukraine, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Vadim Denisenka, Ukrinform reports.

Among other things, the expert drew attention to the recent meeting of V. Putin with the head of the Russian National Guard, Viktor Zolotov, noting that it “was not organized by any means.”

“In short, a fight has begun in Russia for the seat of (Defence Minister Sergei) Shoigu, who was not shot. And V. Zolotov, who previously headed V. Putin’s security, and for the past seven years faithfully served him in the Russian National Guard, now becomes the most important contender,” said V. Denisenka.

But, according to him, V. Putin is not ready for drastic changes, and the situation is uncertain.

“V. Putin removed both the Chief of the General Staff (Valery) Gerasimov and Shoigu himself from work long ago, a few months ago (the former has disappeared altogether, and the latter is assigned only ritual functions). But it’s scary for him to place his hopes on new, even proven people,” said V. Denisenka.

According to the expert, there are three reasons for this. “The first is to admit that everything is not going according to plan, and the second is to supplement your environment with hawks who would begin to rearrange the entire vertical of power according to themselves and, hopefully, disturb the balance between the army and FSB. There is also another, psychological, reason: it is very difficult for Putin to break up with people,” V. Denisenka noted.

But, according to him, such theoretically possible changes “will not mean anything special” for Ukrainians. “The line will be the same, the approach will not change,” V. Denisenka emphasized.

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