Expert: Russians will start to understand what Putin has done to them already this September

“The Russian people will soon begin to realize that their military is rubbish, that the propagandists are lying, and that Putin has pushed the country into a dead end. I predict that this sentiment will be very evident in September.

Sociologists confirm that in the first months of the war, nations imagine that their rulers are just and believe the propaganda. But after half a year, they start to raise questions about what is happening and how long it can last. And such events as the explosions at the Saki airport in Crimea are very sobering,” says the interviewer of “Delfi”.

In Gerashchenko’s opinion, the general mobilization that the former leader of the separatists of Eastern Ukraine, Igor Girkin-Strelkov, is so looking forward to, would not help the Putin regime as much as it would harm it.

“If he links to mobilization, what happened to Russian Tsar Nicholas II may happen to him: he mobilized millions of people, and those millions eventually turned their weapons against the Tsar himself,” says Gerashchenko.

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