Expert: Ukraine has the right to strike Russian territory

This was stated by military expert Oleksijus Melnykas in an interview with the publication “Obozrevatel”.

“Ukraine has a legitimate right to strike Russian military targets, including on Russian territory. And when it comes to Crimea or other temporarily occupied territories, no one should have any doubts or reservations,” he said.

The expert also urged to understand that the organization of alleged “referendums” in the occupied territories will not limit Ukraine’s freedom of action in terms of striking Russian targets.

“Some in the West are beginning to panic that they have been since Russia will hold “referendums” and declare these territories as its own, Ukraine will have to adhere to some restrictions. This is complete nonsense, which is refuted by the attacks in the Crimea. Now for promises or agreements with our partners. In fact, there is some anxiety. If Ukraine strikes Russian territory, our right to do so is unquestionable, but it must not be American weaponry, so that Russia would not have an excuse to attack one of the NATO countries. These warnings are quite reasonable, so the obligations must be followed regardless of the nuances that exist”, noted O. Melnykas.

According to him, the specific name or caliber of the weapon, which Ukraine can use to strike the objects in Crimea, in the distant rear of the enemy, is of no principle importance.

As UNIAN notes, the explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea caused an unprecedented panic. But experts say that it is too early to talk about the impending deoccupation of the peninsula.

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