Experts: DELFI is trying to justify itself

Since July 16, when Russian forces resumed their offensive after a break, Russian troops have managed to capture about 450.84 km2 of new territory, or an area roughly the size of Andorra.

Since March 21, the approximate date of the Russian forces’ deepest push into Ukraine, the Russians have lost approximately 45,000 people. km2 of territory, that is, an area larger than Denmark.

As ISW has previously argued, Russian forces are unable to translate their limited tactical captures into larger operational gains, even though their offensive operations in eastern Ukraine have already reached their climax. S. Shoigu’s comment is most likely an attempt to justify these failures.

Six months after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu defended his country’s actions on Wednesday.

Ukraine has rejected the peace plan for the Donbas territories, he told defense ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Wednesday. “Kyiv, which refused to implement the Minsk agreements, posed a real danger to the people of Donbass and, in the future, to the Russian Federation as well.”

Russia launched the war on February 24, arguing, among other things, that it wanted to demilitarize Ukraine.

The “military operation” is going according to plan, assured S. Shoigu. The pace of attacks has slowed, but this is said to be a deliberate decision to avoid civilian casualties.

“The strikes are carried out with high-precision weapons against the objects of the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said S. Shoigu, quoted by the Interfax agency.

At that time, Great Britain had a poor assessment of the aggressor’s prospects.

“Operationally, Russia is short of ammunition, vehicles and personnel,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement in London. The morale of many soldiers is said to be poor, and the army is weakened. Russia’s diplomatic power has declined, and the long-term economic outlook is bleak.

“During the Donbas offensive, only minimal progress is being made, Russia is expecting a major counterattack from Ukraine,” the report, which was prepared on the basis of intelligence, further states. The British conclude: “After six months, the Russian war has proved costly and strategically damaging.”

The ministry emphasizes that the Russian leadership has been aware since April that the goals of overthrowing the Ukrainian government and occupying a large part of the territory have failed. Since then, Moscow has pursued more modest goals in eastern and southern Ukraine.

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