Experts: Russian soldiers will have problems with the behavior of recruited prisoners

The authors of the report are convinced that after the failures in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine in the summer and autumn, the Russian president began to act by bypassing the top commanders of the Russian army.

Worsening relations with the military leadership and the Russian Defense Ministry may partly explain the Kremlin’s focus on recruiting ill-prepared volunteers for special irregular units, rather than trying to enlist the army’s reserves, experts speculate.

Citing military bloggers, ISW writes that the process of forming and equipping the fourth army corps in Russia has begun – “at least at the level of documents”.

As with the third corps, it is essentially about volunteers.

The focus on forming irregular units is drawing criticism from Russian reserve military officials, the report’s authors say. According to them, the formation of such special units will only increase the already considerable tension and division among the Russian forces.

Professional soldiers are likely to face problems over the behavior of recruited prisoners, experts predict, in response to reports of criminal recruitment for military action.

They claim that such support for the country’s armed forces is practically zero. The Third Army Corps is powerless during the successful Ukrainian counterattack in the Kharkiv region, the authors of the report claim.

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