fate is preparing a small gift for this sign

Aries (03 21–04 20)

Starting all over again is not the worst idea at the beginning of the week. True, the idea of ​​breaking up, looking for another partner will not be a solution to the problem either. You have to look within yourself for the answer, otherwise nothing will change. The time for fundamental changes has not yet come.

It is true that if you know how to choose good allies, intercessors, you will achieve a lot through them. The beginning of the week and the weekend are favorable times to convince your spouse that your relationship is great. Days off are favorable for trips and stays.

Taurus (04 21–05 20)

Like everything is good but hard to touch? Tuesday and Wednesday are favorable for dealing with business matters. The days will be good to check your health or start wellness procedures, start a new diet. Thursday and Friday are significant for the relationship with a loved one – it is a good time to make a decision about the future together.

It is better for women to solve marital problems on Thursday, for men on Friday. Don’t put off your worries for the weekend – these are quite complicated days. If family communication problems bother you, if you disagree with a loved one, try to change something on Monday.

Gemini (05 21–06 21)

It’s been a pretty rough week, after which something turned upside down? If you managed to get angry with relatives, your children, friends or a loved one, this Tuesday, Wednesday – the time of the New Moon – is a good opportunity to change something and start anew.

By the way, luck awaits you these days, as well as Saturday night, Sunday, Monday, so don’t be afraid to fight for the things that are important to you. You can easily turn the wheel of fate in your hands – decisively take the initiative! True, it is worth paying more attention to your partner’s interests during the weekend – this will strengthen your relationship. This is also a good opportunity for indecisive, abused women to defend their rights. Monday is suitable for solving delayed problems.

Cancer (06 22–07 22)

Tuesday, Wednesday is a time to calm down, helping you to forget and relax. Good news will arrive at the beginning of the week, a long-awaited person will come to your house. Be more attentive to intuition, dreams – act not as you think, but as you feel.

A mid-week romantic encounter can turn fatal. It is worth spending the weekend for cleaning at home, as well as for wellness procedures. Don’t spoil anything with a careless word or deed next Monday. By the way, this is a good day to gain secret intercessors and allies.

Leo (07 23–08 22)

On Tuesday, Wednesday, you will be able to calmly and wisely assess the previous confusion. Your opinion and behavior will make a great impression on those around you, don’t be surprised if you receive responsible offers at work. These days, as well as Sunday and Monday, will be favorable for various meetings, agreements, and the purchase of a significant item (for example, a vehicle, a mobile phone). Forget your worries on Thursday, Friday.

You can’t go wrong if you spend time with your family. In any case, you will be able to do more at home than at work. The weekend is happy and romantic – hope will be revived for those who are angry with their partner or are single. Fatal feelings are also possible…

Virgo (08 23–09 22)

It becomes difficult to understand what is good and what is bad? Losses and gains, gains are too intertwined. No matter how mystical it sounds, you have to rely more on fate, the spontaneous course of events, naturally occurring changes.

Aim to be more adaptable to changing circumstances.

The time before the birthday is the time when you need to forget all the hurts and disappointments. Well, if you have already celebrated your birthday, this week is the time of the new moon, when you can (and should) start all over again! Spend the weekend completely relaxing – forget your worries, just relax, get a good night’s sleep. Be with family.

Libra (09 23–10 23)

On Tuesday, Wednesday, try to focus as much as possible on personal tasks. Reject what hinders self-expression! This is a week of good breakthroughs, when you can take risks.

At the beginning of the week, you will be able to defend an important position and win a battle. Handle money matters on Thursday, Friday. Weekend meetings and acquaintances will inspire you – it’s a great time for travel, hiking, don’t refuse invitations to meet friends. Monday is suitable for making important changes, dealing with the matter of changing the place of residence.

Scorpio (10 24-11 22)

Ready to step into the unknown? You should not dwell too much on what is happening – trust in good fate, relax, act on the basis of “autopilot”. If you have urgent work to do, it’s a good idea to organize maintenance work and start repairs only from the middle of the week – don’t plan anything important for Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you want to impress a current or future chef, you should meet on Thursday, Friday. The weekend and Monday will be useful for organizing talks or participating in them yourself.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21)

New winds in your sky at the beginning of the week. Relief. You will feel freer, everything will start to go more smoothly. There will be good friends and helpers. It is true that the second half of the week will not be suitable for doing something responsible – Tuesday and Wednesday will be suitable for more important matters.

Don’t expect a relaxing weekend – you will be needed! Lots of partners, attention from others. By the way, a trivial event, chance meeting or conversation can change your career or even marriage decisions. Resting with a loved one away from business and prying eyes will also be useful during the weekend.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19)

If you have serious business concerns, if you are looking for the right time to have a serious conversation with the chef – victory in the business battles awaits you. In general, the whole week and even next Monday will be favorable for this. If you receive an offer for a new activity or another job this week, accept it. It is a time of important business meetings and new acquaintances.

It’s true, on the weekend you should be more detached from the outside world – a quiet rest away from people will help you gather strength, rest, and prepare for a new leap at work. In other words, reduce the pace of life to a minimum during the weekend.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18)

Maybe it’s time to forget hurts and disappointments? And this week it will definitely happen. If you want to fight for something, do it on the weekend: you will win! This is a favorable time when you will realize that you are at the mercy of Fortune. Now you will be understood by relatives (even children), supported by friends, fans, and appreciated by a loved one.

The week is suitable for responsible career decisions and handling various work matters. Received offers are worth accepting. Friends will make you happy on the weekend – it’s good to organize some kind of outing together (it will be useful for you to change the environment, spend time abroad). Monday is suitable for managing children’s affairs. You may receive secret help from someone you don’t know.

Pisces (02 19–03 20)

Although little will depend on your will at this time, fate will become more and more favorable. You will become protected by mysterious forces that prepare a small gift. However, the beginning of the week is a bit difficult, don’t get too carried away.

Be content with small wins, small changes. From Thursday you will feel more fun. Be attentive to the advice and suggestions you hear. And established acquaintances will bring protection and calmness. The days will be suitable for handling matters and important meetings. True, the mood of the weekend will be quite “working”, and it will be a good time to solve work problems in an informal environment. From Sunday, a good breakthrough in your life will begin: the White Moon, or Selene, will enter your sign for 7 months, bringing invisible protection. Everything will start to fall in your favor.

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