fearing V. Putin’s statement about general mobilization, Russians are looking for information on how to escape the country

According to the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW), it is likely that Russian forces are attempting a more targeted and controlled withdrawal from the western Kherson region to avoid the chaotic run that characterized the collapse of Russian defensive positions in the Kharkiv region earlier this month.

On Monday night, Russian forces shelled the industrial zone of a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, with one explosion occurring 300 meters from the reactor, Energoatom, the operator of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants, said. During the impact, the buildings of the power plant were damaged, more than 100 windows were broken.

Currently, all three units of the power plant are working normally, but after the attack, part of the hydraulic unit stopped, and three high-voltage power lines were disconnected.

The Kremlin said on Monday that reports that mass graves had been found in the formerly Russian-occupied city of Izium in eastern Ukraine were fabricated.

About 450 graves were discovered in the woods outside Izium last week after Ukrainian troops retook the strategically important town from the Russians. Ukrainian officials said that 99 percent exhumed bodies had signs of violent death.

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