FIBA recognized the error of the referees in the match between Lithuania and Germany

“The match referees and secretariat staff made a mistake by not awarding a free throw after a technical foul.

“FIBA has decided that the three field referees and the match commissioner will no longer work until the end of the tournament,” the organization’s announcement reads.

FIBA suspended the Italian Manuel Mazzoni, the Polish Wojciech Liszka and Michal Proc from the further matches of the European Basketball Championship, and Alain Steffes from Luxembourg took the position of match commissioner.

We remind you that the Lithuanian national team protested due to the gross negligence of the referees: after punishing the German coach Gordon Herbert with a technical foul in the third quarter, the referees forgot to award an additional free throw.

FIBA also acknowledged the mistake In the match between Turkey and Sakartveli, there was no stoppage of time due to the incident.

After the duel, the losing Turkish national team filed a protest against a secretarial error that “disappeared” 22 seconds.

“After analyzing the accurate records of the timing system, it is concluded that although the game clock was stopped by the referees, during the incident, when the referees were trying to separate the basketball players, one of the players accidentally touched a special device on the referee’s uniform and thus restarted the match,” FIBA ​​reports.

It is announced that FIBA ​​”takes additional measures to ensure the constantly improving high-level work of Eurobasket referees”.

“FIBA will continue to appreciate the performance of referees by taking all necessary measures during matches, but will not tolerate humiliation of referees before, during and after matches. FIBA calls on all interested parties to protect a proper environment where referees, like players, can demonstrate their abilities,” the statement reads.

FIBA selected 20 of the 44 referees who will continue to work in the Eurobasket playoffs.

“All these referees referee matches involving the best players in Europe competing in their own leagues. In addition, they are referees with experience in the Eurobasket tournament, the World Championship and the Olympic Games,” FIBA ​​announces.

The situation is called “curious”

In the show “Basketball area” visiting director of referees of the Lithuanian Basketball League Algimantas Pavilonis did not find an explanation for such a mistake by the referees in the match between Lithuania and Germany.

“It’s a curious situation. (…) We clearly saw the referee on the TV screens that the German strategist was given a technical foul. Also, as it should be, it was announced by showing the letter “C” to the secretariat, which stands for “coach” (referee in English).

A technical foul was recorded in the match report, but no one threw a free throw. There is no explanation for this. I think it was due to the emotional state and tension, but it’s very strange. After all, there are two more judges. They may or may not have seen it, but they may have asked a colleague – wait, how is it here? There is also a secretariat that really captures it, and there is also a match commissioner.

we saw Jonas Valančiūnas immediately started throwing free throws for a foul on the opponent’s defense. As we know, any basketball player on the court could throw a free throw for a technical foul. Yes, Jonas could have taken that free throw, but we know that in case of a technical foul, other basketball players cannot stand next to the thrower at the penalty area.

There should have been a big question here – why are the players standing and did the coach really appoint this player to throw a penalty for a technical foul? The arbitrators drifted in a stressful situation. I’m not saying it’s on purpose, but it’s an obvious mistake. There is also a match commissioner, he should have been paying attention.

We don’t know how or if the commissioner reacted, we see what the cameraman captured. Time was stopped, the commissioner had more than one option to draw attention to this situation, it’s more complicated when the match continues,” said A. Pavilonis on the “Basketball Zone” program.

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