FIBA, which has the footage, will investigate the incident between Turkey and Sakartveli

FIBA officially announced that disciplinary cases have been opened against Goga Bitadze, Duda Sanadze, Torniki Shengeli, Furkan Korkmaz and the national federations of Turkey and Georgia for the well-known attack on F. Korkmaz in the corridor of the dressing room of the Tbilisi Arena.

At this point, everyone agrees that the incident happened, and FIBA ​​explains that they have security camera footage from the day, so they can clearly see everything that happened.

It remains unclear what sanctions may be imposed, as FIBA ​​publishes the wording “disciplinary measures to be applied”.

“Following allegations from both national federations regarding incidents following the match between Turkey and Georgia, FIBA ​​has opened an investigation.

After a thorough examination of the case file, including video camera footage, FIBA ​​has opened disciplinary procedures for unsportsmanlike conduct against the following players: Goga Bitadze, Duda Sanadze, Tornike Shengelia, Furkan Korkmaz and their national federations.

FIBA has asked all parties to present their position on the investigation before a decision is made on the disciplinary measures to be taken.

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