Former Russian Prime Minister: Without defeating Putin, Moldova is first in line, and then the Baltic countries

Assessing what V. Putin is currently doing, a politician with extensive political and administrative work in the highest echelons of the Russian government doubts that the autocrat who started the war will abandon his goals. Currently, V. Putin is looking for ways to maintain the current situation, and plans his actions several years ahead.

“I think that V. Putin will try to freeze the situation as it is now, will try to keep the occupied territories with the land corridor to Crimea, and will try to live like this for a few more years.

He imagines that he has already destroyed Ukraine, he has partially achieved one of his goals, because almost 30 percent the country’s economy is ruined. Because under his leadership a “prosperous state”, another state Ukraine cannot become an example of how to collect one’s own government, to integrate into European Union and in a broad sense to the civilized world.

This was a fundamental danger for V. Putin. Why did he seek to change the government? That’s why,” of Ukraine M. Kasyanov spoke on journalist Dmitry Gordon’s show.

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