found the murdered defenders and civilians without their heads

September 11 The Ukrainian military liberated the village of Bohorodyksi in the Donetsk region. The 81st Airborne Brigade liberated the village of Bohorodicky. The defenders were shocked by what they saw in the liberated settlement.

War journalist Oleksijus Kašporovskis, who fights in the ranks of the armed forces, told about it.

“The Russians ran so fast that they even left uncooked pasta on the stove. And lots of guns and ammo. And shit. Mountains of shit. They studied everywhere – in the school where they lived, at home and even in the church of the local monastery. Here they installed a toilet right behind the altar. In the village, where fierce battles were fought, the guys found the bodies of our soldiers – without heads and shoes. And half a dozen bodies of murdered civilians,” the journalist said.

According to him, after the Russian occupation, all the remaining living inhabitants left the village, except for 60-year-old Mykola and his 93-year-old mother Nina Illivna. It is noted that some of the villagers were killed by the occupiers and some died due to shelling. Among those killed are the relatives of the only residents of Bohorodicne. The eldest son of Nina Illivna and his wife were shot by the Russians. They were buried behind the house.

The pensioner and her son Nikolay live in a small shed because the entire house was destroyed. They had two geese left, the rest were stolen by the Russians.

“I’m a patriot, you understand?” This is my land, here! And those **** came and shot my brother… If it wasn’t for my mother, I would have come to them myself with a grenade…” the man said.

The Russians were located on the territory of the collapsing monastery, and they had also installed an ammunition depot there. The fleeing residents set fire to the warehouse, but it did not explode.

“The Russians stole the icons from the church itself. They threw out everything they could. They just installed a toilet outside the royal gate. The school where the Russian units were stationed was also destroyed. Debris, pornography, abandoned weapons and ammunition, this place looks more like a homeless camp.

WWII soldiers set up a “love spot” in the corner with several mattresses on the floor, hand cream and Russian pornographic magazines. I thought that no one had announced such things for twenty years,” said the journalist.

Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that up to two hundred bloody war crimes are registered daily in the territories liberated from the Russian occupiers.

Prepared according to UNIAN inf.

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