French intimate and family life: infinite freedom in the sexual sphere, but they also have taboos

The famous French kiss, in short, is tongue contact. This technique is very versatile. For example, both tongues or one tongue may work. At the beginning of the kiss, you can just open your mouth and wait for what your partner will do, but in most cases it is better to take the initiative yourself. Imagine that your lover’s mouth is your mouth. Kiss confidently, but don’t put anything in your partner’s mouth that you wouldn’t want to feel yourself. When these movements become boring, stop them and move on to something else. If you and your partner are foodies who like to taste delicacies, you can equate a French kiss to a delicious meal. In essence, these two pleasures are very similar.

The French are very open about their sexual desires. He calls all parts of his body by their real names. In the company of friends, they openly talk about their intimate experiences. Apparently, there are no more taboos here. However, this is not the case. The topic of masturbation is taboo. You can talk to people about sex all you want, but as soon as you start talking about masturbation, the conversation suddenly stops. So the French are not so completely free. They believe that masturbation is something that a person resorts to when they have no other choice. It means that you are unlucky in your relationship and personal life. So the French are not ready to discuss it.

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