From Lukashenka – praise to Xi Jinping

“You have always been not only an important and reliable friend to us, but also a serious support in these difficult times,” A. Lukashenko said to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, whom he met on the sidelines of the summit held in Uzbekistan.

Western countries have announced a series of sanctions on Belarus – both for the Minsk regime’s support for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and for the violence it used in 2020 against people who participated in protests against election fraud.

“You, like me, know what these times are,” said A. Lukashenko, who is often called Europe’s last dictator; his words were quoted by the state news agency Belta.

“We have always supported China on all major issues, such as economic growth, unity, China’s integrity, the ‘one China’ policy,” he continued.

“We are reliable friends – no matter what it costs us,” the Belarusian leader added.

Xi Jinping arrived to visit the former Soviet Central Asian country in his first foreign trip since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is also attending the summit, the forum is an opportunity to show that, despite Western efforts, Russia is not completely isolated.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose leaders met in Uzbekistan, includes China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

SBO was founded in 2001 as a political, economic and security organization in order to counterbalance the influence of Western institutions. Belarus has observer status in this organization.

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