From September, there will be a self-managed truck in Vilnius

Photo of the Ministry of Transport.

In September, a solution for home delivery of goods by autonomous cars will be implemented in Vilnius. The ecological self-driving car technology is presented by the Ministry of Transport together with the Estonian technology company Clevon.

According to the Minister of Communications Marius Skuodis, the transport of the new route on the streets of the capital could also become a pillar in the creation of a 5G sand ecosystem in Lithuania.

The development of autonomous vehicles is gaining momentum in the world. I am glad that the autonomous robot will not be roaming the streets of Lithuania for tests, but for a specific job of delivering food to houses. Such an innovation can be widely applied in the future and has great potential both in the service sector and in various industries, says M. Skuodis.

Clevon has been developing the technology of autonomous product delivery for several years, testing it in Estonia, Holland, Germany and France.

Lithuania is among the first to start applying such a model even on a global scale. We see Lithuania as an ale that thrives on innovation and in some aspects of technology implementation as the most developed among the Baltic ales, says Clevon CEO Sander Sebastian Agur.

SS Agur emphasizes that the safety of autonomous vehicles is the main priority of Clevon. Real-time data analyzing technology and algorithms select the most optimal route for the self-driving car to start its journey. While the vehicle is moving, the system identifies the car’s surroundings, current situation, traffic conditions, predicts the movement of surrounding objects, such as cars.

The third generation self-driving car CLEVON 1 is 1.6 m wide and 1.1 m wide. A fully charged battery in a vehicle can operate up to 100 km. The robot can carry loads weighing up to 150 kg.

The first demonstrative tour of the innovative cargo vehicle through the central streets of Vilnius will take place next Friday, September 2. An autonomous courier from the Ministry of Transport will go to the entrance of the Cathedral Square.

It seems that currently in Lithuania a few are also picking up remote-controlled car technology, which is being developed by CityBee with the US startup Qibus. Such a car was first tested in Lithuania last October. Then, a Toyota Corolla with a remote control system developed by Qibus, used by the short-term rental platform CityBee, led the Ministers of Transport of Lithuania and Latvia, Mari Skuod and Tal Linkait, along Gediminas Avenue.

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