From the Kremlin – a new threat to Europe: images of the Russian city had to be used for the plot

A video clip allegedly prepared by the Russian giant “Gazprom” is trying to spread on social networks, which hints at the cold that Europe will sink into without Russian gas.

The bard Yuri Vizbor’s song “And the winter will be big”, performed by his granddaughter Varvara Vizbor, shows a symbolic action – a Gazprom employee presses the switch, cutting off the gas supply.

After that, they try to create an apocalyptic image of what will happen to the rest of Europe without Russian gas. Images of a frozen city, smoke balls from burning coal scroll across the screen. From time to time, alternative energy sources are also shown – stopped wind power plants and solar power plants.

However, this video clip, which was intended to scare Europe, first of all offended the Russians themselves. It turned out that the shots of frozen Krasnoyarsk were used here: the rope bridge and Tatyshev Island, as well as the smoking chimneys of the thermal power plant.

“This video looks like a mockery of Krasnoyarsk residents,” the Krasnoyarsk regional portal said, citing reports on Telegram channels.

The point is that this Siberian city, the images of which are trying to scare European residents without Russian gas, has not yet been gasified.

“Although gasification of the Krasnoyarsk Territory has been talked about for many years, the region was not included in Russia’s latest 2021-2025 plan. gasification program,” says the Krasnoyarsk region portal

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