G. Masiulis: when the champions are interested in you, I don’t see the point in thinking for a long time

On the last day of summer – another acquaintance with the newcomer of Vilnius “Ryto”. In the “Jeep” arena, comedian Paulius Ambrazevičius interviewed the one who joined the training process of “Ryto” a few days ago Gytis Masiulis.

“Actually, “Rytas” was not interested in me in the first season, it had been showing initiative for a couple of years. And my dad just supported my decision, he said that it was smart, because “Rytas” is a serious organization and after all, they are the champions of Lithuania, and when the champions are interested in you – I don’t see the point in thinking for a long time,” said the 24-year-old striker about the decision to play in the capital.

The striker had to work for the Lithuanian men’s national team twice this summer, and according to G. Masiulis, he had already met Giedris Žibėnas, the strategist of the capital’s team, before.

“Giedrius Žibėnas was a scout in our U18 national team, so I’ve known him for a long time. And now in the summer I was in two national teams – one in the middle of the summer, the other at the end. I had to talk to Giedris about the game “Ryte” and he talked me into it,” the forward said with a smile.

G. Masiulis, who broke the all-time “Betsafe-LKL” playoff efficiency record in 2019, was unstoppable at the start of the bronze series against Panevėžys. The indicators of 33 points, 7 rebounds and 46 efficiency points burned in the forward’s statistics that night.

“That match was space. It looked like I could have kicked the ball with my foot and it would have gone in from a three-pointer. The coach released me as number five, “Lietkabelis” took a little risk with me, I scored a few three-pointers, when you score, then your wings grow, your wrist is softer and you absorbed all other shots”, G. Masiulis remembered the match of his career.

The 207 cm tall striker, who won bronze medals with Klaipėda “Neptun” that season, also received individual recognition – G. Masiulis was chosen as the best young player of the league.

In the 30-minute conversation – G. Masiulis’ stories about the men’s and youth national teams, the stage of his career abroad and computer games.

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