GE Hitachi, Nuscale or Rolls-Royce can build Estonian nuclear power plants

Fermi Energia photo.

Fermi Energia, which is planning a nuclear power project in Estonia, sent three energy companies invitations to participate in a tender for the construction of a new generation small modular reactor. Srae GE Hitachi, Nuscale and Rolls-Royce may be selected to build nuclear power plants by 2032.

We started choosing technology already in 2019. and then we started recording all the companies developing new nuclear technologies, of which there were several in the world. Some projects turn out to be successful, but we have to choose the most suitable one for the Estonian conditions and electricity system, taking into account the final cost of electricity produced for the consumer, says Kalev Kallemets, head of Fermi Energy.

Until December, Fermi Energia is waiting for the document submitted to the tender, together with the complete technical documentation needed to estimate the construction price. Which technology to choose will be decided in the summer of next year. When choosing a technology, the most important criteria are technological maturity, reference station crime, competitive price and Estonian company’s participation in the supply chain. A project preparation and preliminary work contract is signed with the best bidder.

Fermi Energia plans to build a new generation of small reactors in Estonia in order to guarantee its customers weather-independent electricity production at a long-term fixed price starting at 55 EUR per megawatt hour. According to Fermi Energia’s plans, the nuclear power plant could start producing electricity in 2032.

The company points out that compared to long-term fixed price contracts offered to private and industrial consumers in the Baltic states, the electricity produced in the small reactor is many times cheaper and they want to sell it to consumers by signing fixed price contracts.

The announcement states that the cost of building a small reactor with standardized, factory-produced components is much lower than the large nuclear power plants that have been built so far. And the short construction time reduces the risks of construction, and therefore the costs associated with construction.

Both Nuscale and GE Hitachi are mons backed by the US government, the British government has invested 210 million. sterling mao modular Rolls-Royce reactor crim. All three mons have reached design maturity in the last few years, which gives certainty that the projects will be implemented. The launch of a new generation of small reactors also gives Fermi Energia the opportunity to stay ahead by selecting technologies earlier than we planned. quoted by Mart Yeltsov, head of technology at Fermi Energia.

GE Hitachi’s BWRX-300 small reactor has been Fermi Energia’s benchmark technology for almost all research until now. io reactor is already under construction near Toronto, Canada. Nuscale and Rolls-Royce plan to begin construction on the front in the coming years.

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