Grozev: Putin is preparing a new stage of the war – the oligarchs have received an order

Christo Grozev, one of the most influential representatives of investigative journalism, writes about this on Twitter.

According to him, V. Putin wants to start a “new stage of battles” in October.

“He says that everything (Russia’s failures in Ukraine – UNIAN post.) is happening because of corruption and incompetence in the military (“hired soldiers were cheated about their pay”). But again, very optimistically, he says that every state corporation and oligarch has been tasked with establishing their own private military company “for a new stage in October,” V. Grozev wrote.

According to US experts, Ukrainian troops have recaptured more territory in five days than the Russian army has captured since April.

“The liberation of Izium would be Ukraine’s most significant military victory since the battle for Kyiv won in March,” the Institute for Military Studies said in a situational analysis published on Sunday. This means that Russia’s planned attack on the Donbass from the north has failed, experts say.

“A successful encirclement of Russian forces fleeing Izium will result in the destruction or capture of significant Russian forces and exacerbate Russian manpower and morale problems,” the institute said on Sunday. The Washington-based think tank has been regularly publishing analyzes of the fighting in Ukraine since the start of the war. Sunday is the 200th anniversary of the start of the war by Russia.

At that time, as the Ukrainian army was rapidly advancing in the northeast of the country, according to Kyiv, not all Russian soldiers were able to withdraw. “In the Kharkiv area, enemy units from the 20th Army’s 3rd Motorized Rifle Division are cut off from supply routes and panicked,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in a situation report issued on Sunday.

Russia suffered heavy casualties, with 400 dead in one day.

“Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have continued to make significant advances in the Kharkiv region,” British intelligence tweeted on Sunday in its latest situation report.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy confirmed on Sunday that the Ukrainian military, carrying out a large-scale counteroffensive, had recaptured the strategic city of Izium in the east of the country from Russian forces.

Addressing the nation to mark 200 days since the start of the Russian invasion, Zelensky thanked Ukrainian forces for “liberating hundreds of our towns and villages.” He named three important centers recently captured by Kyiv’s military: Balaklia, Izyum and Kupyansk.

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