Hamilton jokes: I’m thinking of taking my iPad with me tomorrow

Lewis Hamilton jokes that being stuck on a DRS train tomorrow might be so boring that he’s considering taking an iPad with him.

The Brit finished fifth in today’s F1 qualifying in Italy, but will have to start Sunday’s race at Monza from the back of the grid due to changes to various powerplant elements.

“I feel quite positive. I think I squeezed almost everything out of the car. I think it was possible to get a better result, but there was no point in doing that because I would still start from the back of the grid. I was definitely able to complete one lap a few tenths of a second faster. It was a fun session”, said L. Hamilton.

The Brit believes that not only he but other athletes could be stuck on the DRS train tomorrow. So expect that the rivals will have problems with the tires or the safety car will appear on the track.

“Yesterday, I followed Valtteri in training. I could neither catch up nor overtake him. I hope I don’t get stuck in the morning. But I guess I won’t be the only one stuck on the DRS train on Sunday. You’ll just have to sit and wait for something to happen on the track.”

Pirelli should bring softer compound tires here for more cornering and stopping. But they keep bringing tougher ones. Tomorrow it will be easy to cover the distance with just one stop. So there will definitely not be much benefit from the strategy.”

“I expect at least a safety car.” This year I was not lucky with him more than once, so maybe tomorrow I will be lucky.”

“I was thinking of taking the iPad with me tomorrow.” At least I could watch Game of Thrones on the DRS train. I love the show, but when I watch it on Sky it shows a lot of commercials, which is not good. In the end, after watching one episode, you immediately want to watch the next one.”

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