Having moved from Vilnius to Jurbarkas, the Bastias saved up for their own house there: we realized that we needed to get down to earth

The couple still remembers how they met on a TV project and started dating and really enjoyed the good life.

In the capital, they spent all their income on renting a nice apartment, fuel, entertainment and clothes. More precisely expenses were even higher than earnings.

“Imagine that you are young, after the project “Road to the stars”. You imagine that you earn really well and can afford everything. That’s all we allowed,” in the show “Everyday heroes“said the singer.

However, the couple raising two sons assures that today they are far from spoiled stars. On the contrary today they could also advise other young couples on how to live adequately, within their means, and also save money.

“After we got so old, we realized that maybe we should go down to earth. And go to my hometown in Jurbarkas, and start saving for a house. And don’t pay rent.” D. Bastys remembers.

“You have to live within your means, in fact, when you understand that, you start to succeed. Then you have a goal, a plan, and you go towards it somehow. You should never pretend to be someone you’re not.” second to her husband is Agnė, a trainer and opinion maker.

David has been on the scene for over a decade. This year, the participant of various television projects really spent intensively performing. The man is happy to live by the sea, where there are many vacationers and events during the warm season.

The Bastians remember wanting to move to Klaipėda for a long time. And the pandemic only accelerated all plans. The family was very happy to buy their home.

The couple assures it is not worth comparing the prices in Vilnius, Klaipėda and Jurbarka – they are really very different. Therefore, they do not understand why almost all young couples want to live only in the capital, where there may be more opportunities, but they also need much more money for living.

“It’s really cheaper in Klaipėda than in Vilnius,” says Deividas. – When fuel prices are like this, it is very expensive to sit in a traffic jam, and there are almost no traffic jams in Klaipėda. It is such a grown up little town. Everything here is enough for us, the aura is very good here. Especially since the sea is nearby.”

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