Having secured a solid cash prize, the 3×3 national team goes to the final stage without leaders

Having secured a solid cash prize, “Kibirkštis” lacks ambitions before the final tournament

The Lithuanian women’s 3×3 national team formed on the basis of Vilnius “Kibirkšties” will end the season this weekend at the FIBA ​​”Women’s Series” tournament – on September 17-18, the final stage will take place in Constanta (Romania).

Having debuted only this season in the prestigious FIBA ​​”Women’s Series” tournament with the help of the Vilnius city municipality, Lithuania immediately entered the ranks of the elite teams and took 6th place in the regular season.

Regardless of how our team will appear in the final stage of the tournament, the season can already be called a successful one.

“The season was impressive. Lithuanians entered such a tournament for the first time and showed not only fighting spirit, but also excellent results – in Prague they took first place, in Tel Aviv and Quebec – they won second position, and now we are on our way to the final stage, – the vice mayor of the city of Vilnius, Valdas Benkunskas, was happy. – Undoubtedly, the appetite grows when you don’t eat – you want to see more and more victories. And we can only thank this team for the growing expectations.”

However, in the last stage, “Kibirkštis” will be without its leaders – Kamilė Nacickaitė and Monikas Grigalauskytė. Near Martynas Petrėnaitė and Gabriele Šulské joined this time Egle Zabotkaitė and Livija Sakevičiūtė.

Although the losses of K. Nacickaitė and M. Grigalauskytė are painful, it does not reduce the ambitions of Lithuanians in the final stage in Konstanz.

“Monika Grigalauskytė and Kamilė Nacickaitė have earned a solid reserve of trust, so of course they will be missed,” V. Benkunskas said. – However, basketball is primarily a team sport, which is not only about leaders. Mutual communication, general team rhythm, strategy are no less important. I have no doubt that the team with the current composition is capable of using these elements to their advantage in the final tournament in Romania and prove once again what they are worth.”

The Lithuanian women’s 3×3 national team, coached by Dainius Novicks, has done a great job during this year in order to establish itself in the elite of this sport, and this kind of work already allows us to think about the real possibility of entering the Olympic Games in Paris.

“Over the past few years, we have systematically worked to return the name of the basketball city to Vilnius. The 3×3 basketball format and the role of Kibirkšties in popularizing it are also part of this vision, V.Benkunskas, Vice Mayor of the city of Vilnius, taught. – This is a rapidly growing sport that has paved the way to the Olympic Games. We have a unique opportunity to establish ourselves as the leaders of this sport in Europe and the world, and for our sportsmen and women, this is a valuable practice that helps them improve not only in 3×3, but also in the traditional format.”

Having reached the final stage, “Kibirkštis” has already secured 20 thousand. 8th place prize money, which steadily increases as you move up the ranks. In total, 8 teams will share 224 thousand in the final stage. USD 40,000 will be awarded to the first place. US dollars.

Mūsiškės in Romania entered Group A, where they will meet France, Romania and Canada. The first-placed teams in the group immediately advance to the semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams start the playoffs from the quarterfinals.

Starting the tournament on Saturday at 5.35 p.m. takes on France and will wrap up the day at 8:35 p.m. with the hosts Romania. Sunday at 4:05 p.m. the group stage will be completed against Canada. You can watch all the matches live on the FIBA3x3 YouTube channel.


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