Having started cooperation with OG Version, LKL presented an updated soundtrack

As the jubilee season of the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) approaches, fans are presented with an updated musical track that will greet basketball fans at every game in 2022-2023. games of the season.

In the last season, the producer Justin Chachlauskasbetter known by his stage name “Virus J”, the music track created for the new LKL season was adapted by a music producer Lauryns Jackonis RSDworking together with ohG Version, Mad Money, Proflame and other artists of a similar style.

“When I received an offer from OG Version to work on this project, I immediately imagined that it should be a work that evokes the emotion of victory and struggle.

In the beginning, I started putting together and playing with all the thoughts and ideas that just popped into my head, and then I selected the most suitable ones for the vision I had.

Since the base was adapted from Virus J’s previous track, I chose the chorus as the main motif. It seemed to be the most recognizable part of the piece and best conveyed the mood and emotion of the entire piece,” said RSD.

In the anniversary season, LKL will pay even more attention to young Lithuanian music performers.

An agreement has also been reached with one of the most prominent rappers in the country – Dominykas Ježerius-OG Version, whose work LKL fans will be able to hear in match reviews, recordings of the most beautiful moments of the match or in other video clips created by “Betsafe-LKL TV” teams.

“Basketball has been close to me since childhood, so when I received an offer to work together with the Lithuanian Basketball League, I did not doubt it for a second.

Rap music, especially in foreign countries, is an integral part of basketball culture. I am glad that I will be able to contribute to that in Lithuania.

I have no doubt that we will try to combine the rhythms of basketball and hip-hop with the instrumentals we create, together with the entire production team of Hitmen”, said OG Version about the cooperation with LKL.

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