Having won the court case, I. Buva will recover the unpaid salary from the Turkish club

After leaving Vilnius “Ryta” and going to Japan Ivan Buva won a lawsuit against his former club.

The FIBA ​​Court of Arbitration ruled that Gaziantep Gaziantep owes the Croatian and will have to pay back the entire agreed amount with annual interest.

The lawsuit stated that I. Buva should have earned 172 thousand United States (US) dollars in Turkey, which included bonuses for performances in the national championship, cup and international front.

However, the 2019-2020 season was cut short due to the coronavirus without full salary being paid, and the player signed a compensation agreement with the club, according to which he was to receive $45,000.

In the end, the Croat only received part of the money he was paid, and he proved in court that his salary was delayed even before the pandemic.

The court decided that the Gaziantep team will have to pay I.Buva 57 thousand US dollars in salary and another 6.5 thousand US dollars in bonuses. Both amounts carry 5 percent annual interest.

At the same time, the Turkish team will have to cover all legal expenses – to return I.Buva 3.5 thousand US dollars for submitting a claim to arbitration, another 6.5 thousand US dollars for other services.

After a season in Turkey, I. Buva briefly moved to France, then to Vilnius. He became the MVP of the LKL season, and while wearing the “Ryto” shirt, he collected 16.5 points (44 percent of three-pointers), 5.7 rebounds, an assist and 18.4 utility points in 21 minutes.

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