He showed the trick how to inflate a children’s pool in a minute and a half: you will need a device that most people have in the bathroom

Summer is here and the sun is shining, which means that many parents want to inflate their children’s mini pools in the backyard. It goes without saying that the little ones eagerly wait for their parents to inflate the pool and add water, and if you don’t have a pump and have to inflate the pool yourself, a lot of time passes, writes the website mirror.co.uk.

Nowadays, many invest in a pump and easily inflate everything they need. And if you don’t have a pump and are too lazy to go and buy one, don’t worry – you probably have the necessary device in your bathroom.

A woman claims to have inflated her three-year-old son’s swimming pool in a minute and a half with a simple hair dryer, after setting it to blow cool air.

On the portal “TikTok”, a woman whose pseudonym is @capricesmum published a video clip of how she inflates her son’s swimming pool with a hair dryer. She claims that she has been using this method for several years.

The woman says: “On hot days, my son can’t wait to get into the pool, and this way I inflate him quickly. A minute and a half is enough, and pool inflated.”

She warns: “Make sure there’s no water inside because it’s dangerous.”

The published clip received 3.9 million views. views – it’s likely that many parents will take advantage of this advice.

One mother commented: “Too bad I didn’t know earlier that you inflated the pool with your mouth.”

Another wrote: “I have asthma, the annual pool inflation almost killed me. I would have gladly used this advice 10 years ago, but thanks anyway.”

Another woman was delighted that it was a “brilliant invention” and “one of the coolest tricks overall.”

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