here are the ones that won’t leave you alone

Some exes remember themselves long after the divorce. Astrologers have revealed how it relates to the Zodiac sign.


Aries in the role of the former are quite benign. After the relationship ends, they can remain friends, but only if the other person wants it. They try to immediately start a new life and come to terms with the loss as soon as possible to avoid suffering, suffering and negativity.


Ex-Taurus are the same people who call you drunk in the middle of the night. It may even happen in a few years. They don’t even understand why they are doing it, but the fact remains the fact. Representatives of this sign are one of the most obnoxious exes.


It is perfectly acceptable for Gemini to suggest to their former significant other that they try to rebuild the relationship many years after the breakup. Gemini is a record holder in this field. They can bond and break up with the same person several times. True, they themselves do not fully understand why.


In some incredible way, Cancers can, after meeting their exes, talk to them about any topic as if they were best friends. These people do not hold grudges and do not show negativity. What’s more, if they were very close to a person, they can help him solve various problems even years after the breakup.


Leos are unpredictable in the role of exes. They certainly won’t call you, but they will keep something that will remind them of you for years to come. They often indulge in nostalgia, even though you wouldn’t tell it by looking at them. Hurts pass quickly for them, so when you meet an ex-Leo, you can happily chat.


After a breakup, Virgo leaves your life. If the breakup was not her fault, but you, you can not expect a second chance. Virgos know very well that broken vases of love do not stick together, so they will never agree to give a second chance. They tend to remember only the worst things.


Libra accepts separation and quickly gets rid of experiences. For them, this is not the beginning of problems, but the beginning of a new path. They can immediately start looking for a new person or focus on work, hobby. How the former does not remind her of herself at all. They just don’t need it.


Scorpios are the ones who take a long time to recover from a breakup. In the role of exes, they can be especially unpleasant, because they like to evoke pity and pretend that everything in life is falling apart. If the former second half does not feel sorry for them, they start attacking relatives and friends.


Sagittarians are ideal exes. They very quickly switch their attention to work and their affairs. For this reason, they simply do not have time to live and feel sorry for themselves. At first glance, it seems that they do not think about breaking up at all, although sometimes they think about how it ended up here.


Capricorns are not obsessed with their exes and are quite similar to Virgos in that they try to get rid of everything that reminds them of a person. Capricorns will not like photos on social networks because they will remove you from their friends. You will never hear from them again, if you want to.


Aquarians are terrible exes. These are the ones who can go to your house, follow you, post online from fake accounts. This only happens if you threw them. When they themselves are the initiators of the breakup, nothing like that happens. Everything goes smoothly.


It’s perfectly acceptable for Pisces to flirt with you after a breakup. These exes may text you or “accidentally” meet you in some places. Why they do this is not entirely clear. Maybe they are just bored. Also in the role of exes, Pisces likes to make you jealous by posting pictures with a new person on social networks.

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