“Here’s the Biggest News of the Summer”

“Now it’s summer, the best time to spend more time with the family, to pay a lot of attention to the children. Paying attention not only as children, but also as athletes. We didn’t run away from basketball, my brother and I became ambassadors of the new BC “Wolves” club”, said D. Lavrinović about the changes.

The city of Alytus evokes very good memories for the brothers who have achieved many achievements and won more than one impressive title. They started their sports careers there, and now they have joined the club, which will play its debut season in Alytus. Reminiscing about their teenage years, the brothers revealed that there were many disagreements between them.

“Oh, until the age of 14-15, we even fought, we were angry about a lot of things, the fact that you didn’t do it, that’s what’s missing, that I’m first, you have more, I have less. The sibling rivalry was there all along. But mostly the quarrels were about basketball, even a few days ago we played and got angry. But we don’t hold that anger, everything comes from emotions or in the form of laughter. My brother is my best friend who knows all the secrets”, Kšyštofs shared his memories.

Starting this autumn, both Lavrinovičiai brothers dive into new activities – they join the team of presenters of the LNK show “Šeškinės 20”. They are no strangers to television – for the last two seasons, the brothers were detectives in the popular show “Masks”.

As this September approaches, both Kryštofs and Daryushas do not hide their great excitement. According to them, they do not want to disappoint not only the audience, but also the entire creative group.

“Here is probably the main and biggest news of this summer, we are joining the Giedrius and Dziug show! We feel a great responsibility, we are worried, but we also think that it should be, after all, you live for the things that are important to you. When the excitement is gone, it means you don’t really care.

It is nice that we will have the opportunity to communicate with many different people, to gain knowledge and experience. And it will be a real honor to work with such hosts who host “Šeškinės 20″. The new season has prepared many surprises, so get ready, viewers”, said the Lavrinovičius brothers, complementing each other.

The new season of the show “Šeškinės 20” starts on September 7, on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., only on LNK.

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