Hollywood actor Robert Downey drew the ire of fans: they couldn’t be surprised when they saw his socks

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. has expressed hidden support for Russia. A photo from the movie star’s vacation was posted on his fan-managed Twitter account.

It was in this photo that users of the social network noticed that the actor was wearing Adidas socks with the Russian inscription “Rossija”, created together with the Russian designer G. Rubchinsky.

It is not known if the American knew what was written on his socks, but his fans were so furious that even the yellow and blue backpack he was wearing in the same photo did not save him from hateful comments:

“Doesn’t he support Russia?” His socks have “Russia” written on them;

“What the… who needed those socks?”;

“Do you support Russia?” What do you think about it? Are you on Thano’s side?’

“Well, it’s a good thing Captain America won”;

“Socks with ‘Russia’ written on them?” Seriously? You are awesome Robert!!! You’re not Iron Man, you’re Shitman, you’re not Sherlock, you’re Shitlock. It’s worth learning from Mr. Cumberbatch how to be a real Sherlock!”;

“Rossija” socks… Robert supports fascist Russia? Shame”.

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